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“Unacceptable” shooting on New Year’s Eve in the air



Indianapolis, Indiana – Following celebratory gunfire in Indianapolis in early 2022–2023 that endangered lives, authorities on Thursday urged the public to behave responsibly and put down their firearms this New Year.

“The message is very clear,” said Officer William Young, a spokesman for Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. “We want folks to have a good time on New Year and firing firearms recklessly is certainly unacceptable and you can be arrested for it.”

Young reminds everyone that when it comes to shooting a gun into the air, whatever goes up, must come down. There could be fatalities or severe injuries from these bullets.

“It’s led to where we’ve seen young children or teenagers be injured and die to gunfire,” Young said.

The IMPD issues a warning, stating that shooting a gun into the air is illegal and that offenders will face consequences if discovered.

Intentional shootings are a problem in addition to celebratory gunfire. IMPD’s message stayed the same: Put down your firearms.

“We also hope as we go into the new year people practice learning how to manage their conflicts, especially among our teenagers,” Young said. “We’ve seen a significant amount of youth violence throughout the year.”

The IMPD had other concerns than gunfire. Law enforcement continues to provide warnings against driving after intoxication.

“We want you to use those ride-sharing apps,” Young said. “We want you to report any suspicious activity you may see. If you think that you’ve come across an impaired driver, dial 911 immediately. Give a good vehicle description, a license plate, a direction of travel, what street and location.”

It’s crucial to exercise caution when drinking in general.

“Travel in groups, making sure you’re always carrying a cellphone with you, knowing exactly where you are,” Young said. “Use the ride-sharing app to identify which vehicle you’re supposed to be getting in, making sure you’re not getting in the wrong vehicle.”


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