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Updates on IMPD investigation into officer-involved shootings released to the public



Indianapolis, Indiana – In order to elucidate the review that the Indianapolis Metro Police are currently experiencing to the general public, a Color of Law discussion was organized by the Northwest Community Resource District Council on Monday night.

A joint investigation into IMPD’s practices and policies pertaining to officer-involved shootings was requested by the DOJ and the COPS Office in April, when the department made the announcement.
After noting that there were 18 police action shootings in 2023, IMPD Chief Chris Bailey indicated that they requested funding for an external, third-party assessment under the Critical Response program from the COPS Office.

“We saw an uptick in our officer-involved shootings,” said Chief Bailey. “We average about 10 a year since 2015”.

In order to determine why Indianapolis is also experiencing this upward tendency, community members advocated for the evaluation.

”I think it’s extremely important,” said the president of Concerned Clergy, Pastor David Greene Sr. “It’s critical that over the next few months that this takes place, and that a report is provided, that you get community input along with law enforcement, and then that report is shared out, so that actually we can improve as a city.”

The meeting on Monday night drew about thirty individuals.

Concerning the use of force and the progress of the relationship with the COPS Office, many people wanted answers.

The Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) investigate claims of civil rights and federal law violations in relation to police action shootings, as was explained.

“That’s something we take extremely seriously, and we regularly do investigate and prosecute those matters, and want the public to understand how we approach that and why it is so important to us,” said Zach Meyers, Southern District attorney with the DOJ.

But they don’t look into police department policy and procedural violations.

Officers’ conduct in prior events will not be considered in the study; rather, it will focus on IMPD’s training and strategies regarding officer-involved shootings.

“We have processes right now that review officer-involved shooting instances – prosecutor review, its criminal investigation, its internal investigation, and we have civilian majority and led boards that ultimately review and provide recommendations,” said Chief Bailey.

In August, he mentioned that interviews will be held. He has no idea when the report will be finished, but he’s hoping it’s before the year ends.


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