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Bloomington man accused of torturing and severely injuring his girlfriend in January this year sentenced to more than a decade in prison



Bloomington, Indiana – Meontay Wheeler, a 23-year old Bloomington resident, was sentenced to more than a decade in prison for the incident that happened early this year when he beat his girlfriend for an extended period of time, resulting in serious injuries.

Our team has been closely following this case since the very beginning. Wheeler was arrested by the local authorities as soon as they learned that his girlfriend suffered severe injuries all over her body, including extensive bruising, cuts, and burns to her body during the three-day period in January when he repeatedly beat, kicked, and burned her.

The suspect was initially charged with several different charges, but he decided to plead guilty to a charge of aggravated battery infliction of torture, which is a Class 1 felony. As a part of the plea deal, all of the other charges against him were dropped.

Wheeler was given 11 years in prison on Wednesday for torturing and hurting his girlfriend.

The prosecutor called the “torture” charge rare, with it only being filed a couple times a year.