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Bloomington Transit replaces its local bus tracking app with a new one



Bloomington, Indiana – On January 22, Bloomington Transit moved from using the tracking platform DoubleMap to using the new live tracking software SPOT ETA.

A press release from Bloomington Transit states that users can find the new app by searching for ETA SPOT or SPOT in the App Store and Google Play Store for smartphones. There’s also a PC version available.

The planning and special projects manager for Bloomington Transit, Shelley Strimaitis, is quoted by Indiana Public Media as saying that she is confident in the new app’s capabilities in crucial areas for real-time bus tracking.

With the SPOT app, users may click on any bus stop to see the bus’s estimated arrival time based on real-time tracking. It also lets the user select their preferred bus stations and lines, as well as the entire schedule of arrival times for the day.

DoubleMap no longer offers live bus monitoring in Bloomington as a result of this update.
Since IU buses have already stopped using DoubleMap, they will not be tracked via the SPOT app.

Bloomington Transit is reportedly fixing faults in the system and requests patience while they make improvements to the app.

According to the press release, the goal of this modification is to enhance the traveling experience for Bloomington bus users.