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Mike Pence criticizes the Republican divide on Russia



Indianapolis, Indiana – In a scathing string of posts, Mike Pence draws attention to the widening gulf between American leaders over Russia in response to Alexei Navalny’s passing.

Vladimir Putin’s chief rival in Russia at the time was none other than Navalny. According to Russian officials, Navalny passed away after becoming unwell while taking a walk at the facility housing him.

Navalny’s location, political activity, and health were frequently inextricably linked.

He survived a poisoning in 2020 that was widely believed to be a Kremlin attempt at assassination.

Navalny was incarcerated for the third time, serving a 19-year term for “extremism.” He had been transferred to an Arctic Circle penitentiary colony from a traditional prison in recent months. His passing occurred just before an election that is predicted to extend Putin’s rule by another six years.

Soon after the news about Navalny broke, Pence, the former vice president and governor of Indiana, issued several remarks on social media, beginning with, “There is no room in the Republican Party for apologists for Putin.”

Pence continued by offering his opinions on the complex domestic and foreign concerns that are presently posing a threat to Washington’s deadlock. Pence criticizes the Biden Administration’s stances on the Israel-Hamas conflict and the border between the United States and Mexico in his writings. Additionally, he urges Republicans in Congress to support Israel and Ukraine in their fights by banding together and giving them the resources they require.

Pence closes with, “We don’t need to choose between being Leader of the Free World and solving problems here at home. We can do both and have done both for generations. Anyone who says otherwise has a pretty small view of the greatest Nation on Earth. Time for Congress to lead,”

The remarks are made amid a GOP spat concerning space weapons, Russia, and Ukraine. Rep. Mike Turner, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, kicked things off by mentioning a “serious national security threat,” which he subsequently clarified to be a space-based Russian threat.

Republicans and Democrats alike criticized Turner’s action, and another GOP member Representative Andy Ogles even officially requested a congressional investigation into Turner’s allegations. Rep. Matt Gaetz had similar concerns in remarks made in public, stating, “I worry that the motivation to draw so much attention to this is more about a politician who wants to send $60 billion to Ukraine and less about intelligence and national security.”


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