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Disney World surprise trip for a child’s family who are fighting for her life



Zionsville, Indiana – Charley Chisolm, seven years old, has spent her entire life fighting a rare genetic condition.

Charley’s mother, Meagan Chisolm, assured her that they would visit Disney World if she persisted.

“Last December, Charley had a very major surgery. She was in the hospital for almost a month, and there were many times during that stay where we didn’t know if she would be coming home,” Meagan said.

Charley was identified as having 22q Deletion Syndrome, a disorder that results in birth abnormalities and developmental issues in young people.

Meagan said of her daughter, “She has spent almost 200 nights in the hospital up to this point in her life and probably well over 30 surgeries she’s had. So many times in the hospital, she is my brave girl. She never complains when we have to go back.”

Frank Squeo learned about the predicament of the Chisolm family via reading about the Light for Levi Foundation, which was founded in November 2020 in response to Meagan’s infant son’s near drowning, which resulted in catastrophic injuries.

Squeo said he wanted to help. “A good friend of mine saw their website and said, ‘Frank, we have to help this family. They have two children that are really going through tough times.’”

Squeo established Baking Memories 4 Kids, a charity organization that funds the Chisolm family’s Disney vacation with 100% of its cake sales.

Squeo gave the Chisolm family a surprise excursion at their Zionsville home on Tuesday.

A cancer survivor himself, Squeo has helped nearly 300 families since starting his organization a decade ago. “Sometimes the worst news or day of your life ends up being why you were born, and my destiny was to help other people going through what I went through.”

The Disney trip is more than simply a vacation for Meagan since she doesn’t know how long she will have Charley; it’s a gift of time.

“I think just the chance just to feel like a family without therapies and appointments and doctor’s visits, we’ll just pray for health for all the kids that week,” she said.

Squeo stated that Baking Memories 4 Kids sells cookies all around the nation, with proceeds going toward supporting more travels for underprivileged kids.



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