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Following a federal ruling, an death assistance business is permitted to remain operational



Fort Wayne, Indiana – For the time being, an Indiana woman’s business offering end-of-life guidance to clients can remain open.

After receiving a cease and desist letter from the Indiana Attorney’s General office, Lauren Richwine of Fort Wayne was compelled to close Death Done Differently. She claimed that Lauren did not possess a funeral director license for herself or a funeral home license for her business.

Judge Holly Brady of the U.S. District Court granted a preliminary injunction on Tuesday, allowing Richwine to continue operating the business while she challenges the allegations that she is breaking Indiana’s funeral home statutes in court.

“I’m incredibly thankful that I can continue to facilitate important discussions with my clients about their end-of-life options while our lawsuit is ongoing. All Hoosiers deserve to know their choices at the end of life, so they can make an informed decision that best fits their unique needs.”

The Institute for Justice has supported Richwine in her legal case by supplying the following quote from Richwine in the wake of Judge Brady’s decision.