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Fountain Square Mall



At the heart of downtown, less than a half mile from Sample Gates and the Indiana University campus, Fountain Square Mall is a historic building filled with many local shops to discover. Ranging from fashion and jewelry to health and fitness, including arts and hobbies, nearly every store within Fountain Square Mall is unique to Bloomington.

Within the shopping space, a historic ballroom also beckons and can be rented out for special occasions. Fountain Square Mall receives due credit for revitalizing the downtown area during the 1980s, and during any visit today, it’s hard to imagine this bustling district ever needing an economic boost.

Stemming in all directions from Fountain Square Mall, particularly on Kirkwood Avenue heading towards the university, are a wide variety of storefronts and community institutions. Local eateries, specialty shops, and boutiques line this area of the city, and throngs of students, tourists, and residents fill the sidewalks.

Location: 101 West Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington, Indiana

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