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Hoosier National Forest



Encompassing more than 200,000 acres of natural habitat, the Hoosier National Forest provides true adventure to south-central Indiana. Spread across nine counties, Hoosier National Forest is split between two natural regions of the state, with the northern portion easily accessed from Bloomington. This means that for city residents and tourists, escaping into the natural space is an easy thing to do.

The northern portion of Hoosier National Forest near Bloomington caters to a wide variety of recreation. Common activities include backpacking, fishing, scenic driving, rock climbing, and wildlife viewing. Numerous campgrounds can be found throughout the entire forest for both RV dwellers and primitive campers.

One of the most scenic areas of the entire forest is the Charles C. Deam Wilderness, accessed from Bloomington with a 20-mile drive. This 13,000-acre, federally designated wilderness area, is the only one of its kind in the state. Wild hyacinths are known to bloom throughout the spring in the wilderness area, and the roadless forest is ripe for non-motorized exploration.

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