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Hot air balloon landed in neighbor’s yard in Noblesville



Noblesville, Indiana – A woman in Hamilton County has posted a video of a hot air balloon landing in the backyard of a neighbor.

Around 5:15 p.m. on Saturday, Michele Fidler of Noblesville walked out into her backyard and noticed a hot air balloon, as she claims they frequently do.

This time, though, the balloon was intended to land in the backyard of one of her neighbors.

The balloon’s pilot, Andrew Brindley, claimed that he had already chosen the backyard location as his preferred landing area when he took off and that the property’s owner had given him permission to do so.

Numerous neighbors reportedly stepped outside as the hot air balloon started to descend to see if they could offer any assistance.

“Both my neighbors were concerned for their homes and the balloonist,” she said.

According to Brindley, the family whose yard he had safely landed in assisted him in packing up his balloon, and everyone else went about their business as usual the remainder of the day.