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Indy Chamber urges pause on abortion bill



Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indy Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of hundreds of Indianapolis and Marion County-based businesses at the Statehouse.

“We have a general assembly who is looking to address a policy over the last 50 years in less than a 4-week span, so that has exacerbated some of the problems for our membership,” said Adam Burtner of the Indy Chamber of Commerce.

According to the Indy Chamber, the rushed process to pass an abortion bill is at best detrimental to the state and at worst, reckless.

The bill does not address legal risks for doctors, and could make recruiting and retention for healthcare and other emerging industries difficult, they said. Plus, it may have a negative impact on tourism and convention investments.

“Members of the general assembly, particularly the governor and the super majority, want to push that agenda,” said Indianapolis Democrat State Representative Greg Porter, who says he welcomes the Indy Chambers’ concerns.

According to representative Porter, there are similarities with the abortion bill and the religious freedom restoration act commonly called ‘RFRA’.

“Absolutely, I know you remember when RFRA hit, there were a group of individuals than in the business community who spoke out against it. They tweaked [the act] a little bit and everyone came together. It [SB1] is another piece of legislation that is transforming as we speak” said Porter.

According to the Indy Chamber of Commerce, they will be back in the Statehouse in January working to fix the legislation if the abortion bill passes and is signed into law by the governor.