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Lawmakers decide to keep using Blue Line



Indianapolis, Indiana – Speaker of the Indiana House Todd Huston (R-Fishers) declared in a news release that a compromise has been struck with legislators to allow IndyGo to proceed with its Blue Line project.

Opponents of the Blue Line had criticized its intended route and the way it would limit traffic on Washington Street for vehicles.

In January, lawmakers passed a bill to stop the building.

Two lanes for east-west automobile traffic are permitted under the proposed plan.

According to the press release:

House Speaker Todd Huston (R-Fishers) issued the following statement in response to reaching an agreement with IndyGo and city of Indianapolis officials to incorporate more general-purpose lanes of traffic in their Blue Line project proposal. Huston said Senate Bill 52 will not move forward after he met with officials who said they will revise their plans and maintain two lanes of general-purpose traffic, whenever possible, along Washington Street going both east and west. Huston said the updated plans would increase traffic flow and ensure the city maintains a rapid mass transit system. Huston said he expects legislators to continue to discuss Indianapolis road funding and road funding more broadly headed into next year’s budget session.
Huston said: “In meeting with IndyGo and city officials, we were able to find common ground that included updating the Blue Line plans to prioritize traffic flow while still making improvements along Washington Street to better accommodate the mass transit system. By keeping at least two lanes of traffic flow going both east and west, whenever possible, we can limit congestion and the negative impacts on local businesses. While Senate Bill 52 will not move this session, we’ll continue to have broader road funding discussions as we move forward and look to the next legislative session.”

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett released the following statement: “I extend my thanks to Indiana House Speaker Todd Huston for working with IndyGo and the City to come to this commitment. I am grateful for the many community members who continued to show up and advocate for this transformative investment for our city.”


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