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Indiana – The Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund provided funding for numerous rare and endangered species conservation in 2023. These successes—which range from rescuing hellbenders in the Blue River to finding the endangered banded pygmy sunfish in a new habitat in Posey County—have improved the state’s conservation narrative.

Your dedication to protecting rare and endangered species in Indiana is greatly appreciated by officials, as your contributions have been crucial in the Department of Natural Resources’ efforts.

The Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund cordially welcomes you to view our year-end movie, which showcases the efforts made to protect Indiana’s most distinctive species for the next generations.

We are thrilled about the possibility of even bigger successes as we move forward to 2024, but we can only accomplish these objectives with your ongoing support. Fish and wildlife will receive an additional S93 in government cash for every $50 donated. By working together, we can guarantee that Indiana’s uncommon and threatened species endure and flourish in their native environments.

Taking Care of Indiana’s Rare and Endangered Wildlife

In Indiana, funds from the state and federal governments go toward protecting rare and endangered species of animals. Approved by Congress in 2000, the State Wildlife Grant program distributes federal funds for projects that help fish and wildlife species before they become endangered or vulnerable. Grants from these sources are awarded to qualifying states according to their population and land area. The Indiana General Assembly created the Nongame Animals Fund in 1982 to preserve unique and endangered animals in the state. Visit to learn more about the management of fish and wildlife in Indiana.



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