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Man detained for recording a woman and an adolescent girl in a mall dressing room in Fort Wayne



Fort Wayne, Indiana – After holding his cell phone beneath a dressing room door in a department shop while a woman and an adolescent girl were changing, the 36-year-old guy was taken into custody, according to the police.

Level 6 felony, two charges of voyeurism, led to Daniel Mathis’s arrest.

On August 8, Mathis entered the Glenbrook Mall Hollister Jean and apparel store and made his way to the changing room area. As the 13-year-old girl was changing, Mathis allegedly kept his cell phone beneath the dressing room doors, according to the police.

On December 19, Mathis was also observed going into the department shop and once more putting his cell phone beneath the doors of the dressing room as a 21-year-old woman was getting dressed.
According to the police, the department store’s CCTV cameras captured both occurrences. Videos and pictures were made available to the public.

Mathis was recognized by investigators as the individual captured on camera, and an arrest order was issued for his detention.

On February 7, Mathis was taken into custody at his home in the 6100 block of Landmark Drive. He is in South Bend awaiting extradition.

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