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Robotics Club at Springville Community Academy offers lessons beyond robotics



Springville, Indiana – The Robotics Club at Springville Community Academy is a bustling center where creativity and teamwork meet.

This vibrant club is sparking an interest in robotics and is a sanctuary for aspiring engineers and tech enthusiasts. Students investigate the fields of mechanical engineering and real-world problem-solving under the direction of science and STEAM teacher Jennifer Armstrong.

Fifth through eighth graders are welcome to join the Robotics Club. The kids put in the most effort in designing and testing the Vex robots, but the club supplies the equipment and materials. The majority of the program’s money comes from grants, but SAIC recently gave the club a cool S1,000 to help with costs.

The club takes part in contests where teams from neighboring schools compete against them to test their machines. One of the competitions is a game where robots have to finish a task.

This year’s game requires the kids to construct devices that can move blocks from pre-designated storage facilities into a play area.

“Do the children learn communication skills, tenacity, and problem-solving? stated Armstrong. During their rounds, teams from other schools collaborate to clear the area of the target blocks, therefore camaraderie and collaboration are crucial.

The Robotics Club is educating kids for whatever they may meet in their technological futures, whether it’s a career in engineering, information technology, or something in between. More than simply that, creating robots involves creating mental models, work ethics, and enduring friendships.