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Shelbyville neighborhood members perform Christmas songs for a young man who has a brain tumor



Shelbyville, Indiana – A young man in Shelbyville with a fatal brain tumor is receiving support from his community.

Three days before Christmas, Carols erupted around a particular Shelbyville residence. Singing the happiest songs for the saddest reasons, dozens of people gathered.

Businesses in the downtown area are getting ready for a busy “Super Saturday” shopping day.

“I was there the day he came into this world, and I will be holding his hand when he leaves it,” said Jennifer Moore, whose son JBob was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor just a few weeks ago.

Moore stayed by her son’s side Friday night, savoring every moment. Doctors have told JBob that he only has a few months to live due to a deadly brain tumor, which they discovered a few weeks ago.

This year, the entire neighborhood got together to perform the melodies he loves on his front lawn, fulfilling his one and only Christmas request.

“Why are we doing this; why wouldn’t we do this,” said co-organizer Jessie Hettwer. “Who wouldn’t want to help a family three days before Christmas? This is his Christmas wish. I’m believing for a Christmas miracle.”

“It just means a lot,” co-organizer Shiela Fuquay said. “You know. It’s just really good to be able to give back.”

“I know myself, I could not imagine being in their spot and I would want the same for my child,” said co-organizer Jessica Comstock.

People close to JBob want to offer him everything they have right now since he still has so much to accomplish.

Jennifer, JBob’s mother, stated, “He’s never been in love and had babies.” “He’s only getting started in life. He is informed that he only has a few months to live.

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Jennifer described the hundreds of friends, family members, and strangers who have come to support her kid as an overwhelming sensation. She expressed her gratitude for the additional light during their darkest moments amidst the brilliance of each candle and the sparkling holiday spirit.

“It really shows you how much good is left in the world and how one little village can come together to take care of one sick kid,” Jennifer said. “It’s been really amazing and it definitely is eye-opening.”

Through a GoFundMe, friends and neighbors have begun to collect money for JBob and his family. To donate, click this link.

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