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South Bend man detained following state police car pursuit



South Bend, Indiana – After crashing into a parked car and porch on Friday night while evading an Indiana state trooper, a man from South Bend ended up behind bars.

An Indiana State trooper was on patrol at 9 p.m. on Friday when he noticed a gray 2007 Audi heading north on Portage Avenue with two equipment violations. Near the intersection of Portage Avenue and Woodlawn Boulevard in South Bend, the trooper pursued the Audi and attempted to stop it. The driver of the Audi fled and a chase started when the trooper activated his red and blue lights.

The Audi’s driver ran down several local streets before making their way to Beverly Place, where they collided with a parked vehicle. Following this incident, the Audi proceeded across the street and struck a house in the 2000 block of Beverly Place with a wooden porch. Following the collision, the Audi became immobilized, and the driver—Trae Lottie, a 28-year-old South Bend resident—was taken into custody. Subsequent inquiries found that Lottie was purportedly driving under the influence of alcohol and with a suspended license.

Lottie was brought to a nearby hospital for a chemical test and to receive medical clearance before crashing. The chemical test’s findings are still awaited. Lottie was taken into custody and brought to the St. Joseph County Jail after receiving the all-clear medically. There, he is being charged with operating while drunk before operating while sober, operating while inebriated while endangering others, driving while suspended before operating while sober, and reckless driving.

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