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Police searching a man’s bedroom in Zionsville discovered that he had about 6,000 dosages of cocaine and LSD



Zionsville, Indiana – A Zionsville man has been charged after police found nearly 6,000 doses of drugs, including cocaine and LSD, as well as thousands of dollars in cash at his home in early February.
According to court documents, filed earlier this month in Boone County, 41-year-old Austin Ritchie was charged with:

After thousands of dollars in cash and approximately 6,000 dosages of drugs, including cocaine and LSD, were discovered at the house of a Zionsville man in early February, the man has been accused.

According to court records that were submitted to Boone County earlier this month, Austin Ritchie, 41, was accused of:

• One count of dealing in cocaine, manufacture/deliver/finance – 10 or more grams, a Level 2 felony
• One count of dealing in a schedule I controlled substance with weight at least 28 grams, a Level 2 felony
• One count of dealing in a schedule III controlled substance with weight at least 28 grams, a Level 2 felony
• One count of possession of cocaine of 28 or more grams, a Level 3 felony
• One count of dealing in a schedule 1 controlled substance with weight between five and 10 grams, a Level 4 felony
• Four counts of possession of a controlled substance, a Level 6 felony
• Three other misdemeanor drug charges

The Hamilton/Boone County Drug Task Force visited a Zionsville residence on February 2 in response to a tip from Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana, which stated that Ritchie was a drug dealer who also possessed “large amounts of cash and multiple firearms.”

Ritchie was reportedly asked by police to consent to a search of his bedroom when they first got in touch with him. Ritchie consented, “if he could be given five minutes to tidy up first,” according to the records. Ritchie informed police ahead of the search that “they would locate some personal use drug items.”

Along with other drug-related items, investigators allegedly discovered a digital scale with cocaine residue when they investigated Ritchie’s bedroom and the bathroom next door. Ritchie reportedly stated, “I may want detectives to stop searching and may want to speak with an attorney,” when the scale was found, according to the records, but he eventually gave permission for the search to be carried out.

According to reports, additional things found during the search were:

• Around 366 grams of cocaine, which police estimate is around 3,660 doses.
• Around 46 grams of LSD gel tabs, which police estimate was around 2,158 hits.
o This included one small sheet and one partial sheet of suspected LSD with a design of Yoda wearing Grateful Dead headphones sitting on R2-D2.
• Around 28.3 grams of suspected Ketamine and around 17.3 grams of MDMA
• Around $73,000 in cash located in a safe, as well as a number of firearms.

Ritchie allegedly admitted to using MDMA, cocaine, LSD, ketamine, and other narcotics for personal use during a police interview. According to reports, he claimed ownership of all the drugs found in his bathroom and bedroom.

Ritchie allegedly admitted to police that he had sold MDMA, LSD, and ketamine in the previous year in addition to selling cocaine to between ten to twenty clients each week.

Ritchie’s jury trial is set for May 28 and his pretrial conference is set for April 17, per court filings.




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