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Study reveals that women are avoiding preventative care



Indianapolis, Indiana – May is Women’s Health Care Month, and medical professionals are eager to deliver preventive care to more women.

According to a recent report by the Alliance for Women’s Health and Prevention, nearly 45% of American women skipped out on preventative care in the previous year.

This indicates that numerous exams, screenings, treatments, and vaccinations have been skipped by women across the country.

Due to the high cost of healthcare and their busy schedules, the majority of women claim they have skipped out on vital treatment.

An OBGYN at Ascension St. Vincent in Fishers, Dr. Jessica Ebinger, joined Daybreak to discuss the value of getting tested.

“These are things we can catch at the microscopic level, especially with cervical cancer screenings,” Ebinger said.

To find out what preventative care might be covered by insurance, Ebinger advises women to start by phoning their provider. According to her, some women forgo preventative care even though they could already be paying for it through insurance.

“I know a lot of women are really busy. they have kids, they have jobs,” Ebinger said. “But, these are things that can help save your life.”


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