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Supplies of propane are running low as central Indiana prepares for a winter storm



Indianapolis, Indiana – As Indiana residents prepare for the upcoming cold snap, local hardware stores are running low on propane tanks.

Strong winds can easily knock out power in some homes, so propane can be an excellent option for keeping warm. It is used to power space heaters and is also beneficial for grilling.

When they run out today, the manager at Fusek’s True Value Downtown says they’re out.

They’re expecting a shipment of supplies on Friday, but they worry that the winter storm may delay it, making it harder for consumers to find what they need.

Propane contracts in cold weather. The volume of propane will decrease as a result of the freezing conditions we’re anticipating through the weekend, which will result in a drop in pressure. If it’s too low, the propane won’t be able to get to your gas burner, which can be a problem.

Here are some tips to help you prevent low propane pressure issues if you use propane to heat your home.

• Don’t let snow build up on your propane tank
• Keep your propane at least 30 percent full
• And turn down your thermostat. Your furnace or boiler won’t run as often, giving pressure inside your propane tank a chance to rebuild.

A flag or other type of marker should be placed next to your tank so you can identify it in the snow, which is another suggestion.