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The Dark Side of Wabash solar eclipse event will take place in Vincennes



Vincennes, Indiana – The oldest city in Indiana will probably go without light for the longest period.

According to scientists, Vincennes will experience a 4-minute and 5-second blackout on Monday, April 8, due to a total solar eclipse.

The event is being referred to by city officials as the Dark Side of the Wabash. All weekend long, local artists are scheduled to play.

On April 8, Knox County children have no school. To commemorate the unique occasion, the Knox County Health Department purchased glasses for every student, employee, and bus driver.

In comparison to other seasons of the year, rates for hotel rooms in the area are currently higher.

We found a room at the 1800 S. Old Decker Rd. Red Roof Inn on Wednesday morning, priced at $790 for the night of the eclipse.

Other accommodation costs, according to Vincennes’ eclipse director Sarah Wolfe, are considerably more expensive.

“The peak number that we were told was $1,750 with a four-night minimum. That’s $7,000 a semester at a reasonable community college or a used Honda.”

According to Wolfe, a lot of city dwellers felt humiliated and angry over the price increases.

“It’s not okay, but it’s really normal, and I understand that collectively we are just aghast that anybody would do that, but trust me it’s really happening everywhere,” explained Wolfe.

Officials from Knox County advise tourists to avoid needless travel the following weekend by going grocery shopping and filling up your car with petrol before the eclipse.

More volunteers are being enlisted by officials for the eclipse weekend.

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