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19-year-old arrested in Gibson County following a high-speed chase



Princeton, Indiana – Thursday night in Gibson County, a traffic stop sparked a high-speed pursuit that resulted in the handcuffing of a 19-year-old Owensville male, according to the police.

An Indiana State Trooper pulled over Fernando Ramirez, who allegedly was speeding at roughly 8:30 p.m. on State Road 41, driving 75 in a 60-mph zone. Then, when the state trooper was drawing near, Ramirez took off. He ran away heading north on 41 and eventually east on County Road 350, setting off a high-speed pursuit.

Then, at the crossroads of East 350 and South 350 County Roads, Ramirez would smash into a ditch. He then started to run away on foot, but was soon discovered hiding. On Friday, Ramirez was brought to the Gibson County Jail and placed under arrest.

Ramirez faces preliminary charges including:

• Resisting law enforcement
• Possession of marijuana
• Possession of paraphernalia
• Driving while intoxicated


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