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An Indianapolis non-profit launches a new anti-violence campaign



Indianapolis, Indiana – On Thursday night, a nearby nonprofit launched a brand-new anti-violence campaign.

The youth of the city were the intended market.

A group of more than 40 children yelled, “We want to play outside,” on Thursday night at Indianapolis’ MLK Park.

That was their advice to anyone considering using violence at one of the parks in the city.

They might take your advice, Lenerd McKinney remarked. Nobody can match your voice, I say.

McKinney is credited with starting the “I Want to Play Outside” campaign. He Cares, Inc., a neighborhood non-profit ministry that seeks to end violence, is also led by him as president.

The purpose of Thursday’s gathering, according to McKinney, was to inspire children to convey the message that they should put their guns down so they can play freely.

“We want the kids to approach the people in their lives—people they probably know who are shooting or acting violently—and approach them, saying, “Hey, could you not do this? “I want to play outside,” remarked McKinney.

Those who attended the event on Thursday observed children having fun in the park while engaging in a range of games.

We want people to be more kind and to understand that children truly do want to play outside in safety and without having to feel anxious or afraid, according to McKinney.

In Indianapolis parks where there have been gunshots during the summer, McKinney says he intends to hold more of these activities.

To encourage people to choose non violence, the group also intends to hang peace signs with the children’s autographs around the neighborhood.