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Bloomington teacher goes extra mile to help student learn



BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A teacher in Bloomington is getting noticed for going above and beyond to help a student who was struggling to learn virtually.

Diane Siddons is a fifth grade teacher at St. Charles Catholic School.

When one of her students was having issues grasping her math assignment through e-Learning, Siddons decided to pay her a visit.

The student’s mother says Siddons asked if she could stop by and came equipped with a chair and her white board. Siddons then sat and taught from the yard while the student remained on the porch. The social distancing lesson lasted for an hour and a half, and Siddons did not leave until the student was confident in her assignment, her mother noted.

Siddons is retiring this spring after 21 years at St. Charles, and although her career isn’t ending the way she envisioned, she continues to make a lasting impact on her students.

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