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Due to the violence, Broad Ripple will close bars and other businesses early



Indianapolis, Indiana – According to a news statement from the Broad Ripple Village Association, late-night business owners in Broad Ripple gathered on Wednesday and unanimously decided that all pubs and restaurants would close at 1 a.m. every day starting immediately until further notice. Numerous firms also intend to stop using promoters to stage events and day parties.

The purpose is to “help law enforcement in the area by eliminating any overbearing entertainment atmosphere that often attracts guests to the Village, many with no intention of patronizing the open establishments,” as stated in the news release.

To improve Broad Ripple Village’s safety, the companies intend to meet with IMPD, DPW, the mayor’s office, and the prosecutor’s office.

This action follows the shooting of a second individual and the deaths of three persons in Broad Ripple at roughly two in the morning on Sunday.

However, the companies and Broad Ripple Village Association “hope that others will follow their lead and put safety first.” For many of businesses, this move may offer a financial challenge, as does the prolonged work.