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During a search, Indiana school officials made a girl reveal her bra and waist



Portland, Indiana – The father of a 13-year-old girl filed a lawsuit against two Jay County Junior-Senior High School officials on Tuesday after the daughter was made to reveal her waist and bra during what is being described as an intrusive search.

The school nurse, Rebecca Hudson, and the dean of students, Bradley Milliman, were named in the lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court in Fort Wayne.

The lawsuit claims that when the two officials searched the girl and her locker on November 21, they discovered nothing.

Later, Milliman revealed that a student had made up a story about the girl having a pistol. Additionally, Milliman stated that the kid had previously submitted a similar fraudulent allegation.

The lawsuit claimed there were less intrusive ways to search. The metal detector wand used by the school police officer is stored at the location.

The girl “did not voluntarily consent, but reasonably believed that she had to comply with the school nurse’s order, made in the presence of a school administrator,” according to the lawsuit. Mr. Milliman and Ms. Hudson both observed her do so.

According to the lawsuit, the teenager found the search upsetting and began “sobbing uncontrollably.”

According to the lawsuit, the girl has not gone back to school and has no plans to do so. She’s been seeing a counselor.

The father is requesting an undisclosed sum of damages and a jury trial.