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Hamilton Southeastern: At high school sporting events, adults must accompany children in grades K–8



Fishers, Indiana – On Tuesday, a Hamilton County school district informed parents that younger children are no longer permitted to attend high school sporting events without adult supervision.

Just after 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Hamilton Southeastern Schools in Fishers made the announcement in a mail titled “K-8 Participation at High School Sporting Events.”

Although there were no additional information in the notification, the modification was made owing to safety concerns.

Students in kindergarten through grade 8 will be affected by the move. The Hamilton Southeastern and Fishers high schools are the only ones in the district.

According to the notification, junior high school administrators will let parents and pupils know about the modification. The platform that sells electronic tickets will also make an announcement about the change.

For more information, parents were advised to speak with the school administration.

One of Indiana’s five largest school districts, Hamilton Southeastern Schools has 21,760 students registered with the Indiana Department of Education as of October 1.



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