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Esquire’s ’50 Best Martinis in America’ list raises a glass to one from Indy with a twist



Indianapolis, Indiana – Within the realm of classic martinis, St. Elmo Steakhouse is a shining example of distinction. Esquire magazine honors the establishment’s signature “Smooth Operator” creation—a chilled vodka martini tastefully topped with a cool cucumber ribbon—in their prestigious “The Best Martinis in America, 2023” list.

“Let’s keep it simple: chilled vodka and a cooling ribbon of cucumber. You’re going to want that as a counterweight to St. Elmo’s signature appetizer: shrimp cocktail whose sauce seems to be packed with enough horseradish to blot out regions of your brain with fierce nasal waves of heat. Burn, cool. Burn, cool. Repeat as necessary,” Esquire Food & Drinks Editor Jeff Gordinier said.

This endorsement from Esquire highlights St. Elmo’s skill in mixing the greatest martini in Indianapolis to go with its well-known cuisine, resulting in a flavorful symphony that entices the palate. It’s an experience carefully crafted to surprise and excite, not just a drink.

The only other Midwesterner martinis mentioned were three from Chicago, Illinois, and one from Madison, Wisconsin.

Esquire’s homage to St. Elmo highlights the restaurant’s commitment to creating extraordinary concoctions and takes guests on a journey where flavors collide and harmony flawlessly. It’s an honor that recognizes artistry and turns the ordinary act of sipping a martini into a memorable occasion at St. Elmo Steakhouse.

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