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Evansville will “redo” the Christmas tree lighting in response to criticism and jeers



Evansville, Indiana – After receiving multiple complaints, including one from someone who said that the decorations resembled those of a child, the city of Evansville is preparing to “redo” the lighting of its Christmas tree.

On November 16, the city and Downtown Evansville formally lit the tree. Public outcry and jeers on social media swiftly followed.

On Downtown Evansville’s Facebook page, more than a thousand people made fun of the exhibit.

“This makes me feel good about my decorating skills,” a commenter said. Js.

“It seems like someone stood on each side, closed their eyes, and just threw the lights back and forth to each other,” stated a different witness.

It appears that a 5-year-old embellished it once more. How much did we spend this year’s taxpayers to pay for this horror once more?,” another commenter asked.

The mayor of Evansville has scheduled a future ceremony and ordered the lights to be taken out and put back in.