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Hospitals in Marion County advise patients with “mild symptoms” not to visit the E.R.



Indianapolis, Indiana – Because many of the hospitals in Marion County are full, they are advising people with mild disease symptoms not to go there for care.

Melissa McMasters, a registered nurse with the Marion County Department of Health, spoke with Daybreak about the recent surge of patients that has overcrowded the county’s hospitals.

“So, all of our E.R. are pretty packed here in Indianapolis and it’s related to respiratory viruses. So, we’re seeing things like flu, RSV, and COVID all circulating right now. We want those that are the sickest to be able to seek care in a timely fashion,” McMasters said.

McMasters also explained what mild symptoms could look like, “We’re talking like a cough, maybe sore throat, low-grade temperature. Those are mild symptoms, but if you’re having any, chest pain, high fever, any of those, you must go to the E.R.”

McMasters also provided alternatives for those with mild symptoms in case they believe treatment is needed, “A lot of hospitals offer telehealth, or you could go to a pharmacy-based clinic, even just checking in with your provider. Sometimes they can help assess you and give you some advice.”


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