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Measure supporting child advocacy centers is on its way to the governor’s desk



Indianapolis, Indiana – Child advocacy centers offer abused children a safe, nurturing atmosphere. A bill headed to the governor’s desk would provide new life to the advocacy centers’ endeavors throughout Indiana.

House Bill 1123 essentially sets a few baseline high standards for child advocacy centers. This entails implementing rules and regulations to guarantee that advocacy center employees and investigators have up-to-date, relevant training. Additionally, the bill would require the formation of multi-person, expert teams by the Department of Child Services and child advocacy centers.

“In the state of Indiana, approximately 60 children die every year from neglect and abuse,” said State Rep. John Bartlett (D-Indianapolis) in a Friday press release, “what is not counted in that death toll is all of the suffering children endure in these horrendous situations. Child advocacy centers are essential to make investigations go smoothly because they are specifically suited to work with children in a way that avoids any further trauma.”

Furthermore, under certain conditions, House Bill 1123 would offer a layer of civil protection that would protect center employees and staff.

It also allows child advocacy groups access to historical private documents if further investigation is needed.

“Hurting a child is one of the most despicable things one can do in this life. The perpetrators of child abuse and neglect must be brought to justice and put behind bars as swiftly as possible,” said State Rep. Bartlett.

All of the bill’s amendments have been approved. It now needs the signature of Governor Eric Holcomb.




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