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Indiana Supreme Court makes a decision. John Rust is not permitted to run for US Senate on the GOP ballot



Indianapolis, Indiana – The injunction that would have let John Rust to appear on the GOP primary ballot for the U.S. Senate was lifted by the Indiana Supreme Court on Thursday.

Rust, the former chair of Rose Acre Farms Inc.’s board of directors, which supplied eggs, was trying to get Republican contenders to run instead of U.S. Sen. Mike Braun, who is resigning to run for governor. Rep. Jim Banks of the United States is one of the contenders.

In an attempt to appear on the 2024 ballot and contest the state law that stipulates a candidate’s previous two primary votes must be cast with their affiliated party or a county party chair must approve the candidacy, Rust filed a lawsuit against Secretary of State Diego Morales, the Indiana Election Commission, and the Jackson County Republican Party Chair Amanda Lowery back in September.

In his application, Rust stated that the COVID-19 epidemic prevented him from casting a ballot in the 2020 Republican primary. As a result, he requested written confirmation from Lowery. Citing the absence of a 2020 vote and Rust’s prior votes in Democratic primaries for candidates he claimed to personally know, she declined.

Arguments regarding the state’s appeal of a decision made by a lower court were heard by the Indiana Supreme Court on Monday.



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