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Monroe County Health Department releases January 2024 food inspection report



Monroe County, Indiana – In their January 2024 food inspection report, the Monroe County Health Department identified seven locations with either critical or non-critical infractions.

The website for Monroe County defines critical violations as those that have the potential to directly cause a foodborne illness. While they are not always the main cause of an outbreak, non-critical breaches do play a role in them.

Bedrak Café: 409 S. Walnut St.
Two serious infractions were raw meat kept above food and refrigerated food without a date mark.

China Wok: 4013 S. Old State Rd. 37
Debris accumulation behind the deep fryer and cleaning towels not kept in sanitizer were examples of non-critical infractions.

Circle K/Mac’s: 1115 S. Walnut St.
Debris in the soda fountain spouts was discovered to be a critical violation.

Cracker Barrel: 380 N. Jacob Drive
Debris accumulation on the floor, behind racks and a counter, and standing water in the dish area were non-critical violations.

Domino’s: 2620 S. Walnut St.
One non-critical infraction was the hand sink’s water, which got as high as 76°F.

Lincoln Square Pancake House: 2160 N. Walnut St.
A telephone on a rack with bulk food items and scoops kept inside an ice maker was among the non-critical infractions.

Starbucks Coffee – South: 1921 S. Walnut St.
Debris accumulation on the ice maker was a serious infraction. A dirty apron on top of a display case, an empty sanitizer test strip container, a wiping cloth that wasn’t dipped in sanitizer, and debris accumulation beneath counters were among the non-critical infractions.

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