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Mother claims her first-grader was mistreated at Fishers Elementary School



Fishers, Indiana – A woman is alleging that her first-grader was abused by staff at Fishers Elementary School during an angry outburst.

Shaneta Grave reported that she received a call regarding her daughter’s emotional outburst from the Hamilton Southeastern School District. She discovered that she was being detained in an isolation room when she went to the school to fetch her up.

She pulled out her phone and began recording at that point.

Staff members at the school are seen in the video Grave attempting to unlock the isolation room door, but they are unable to do so because her daughter’s fingers are underneath it. Her daughter doesn’t seem to be wearing any socks or shoes when the door opens.

When Grave went to pick up her daughter, she did not anticipate finding her in that state.

“They told me when I get there that she would be cleaning up the room that she destroyed,” Grave said. “When I actually got there, she wasn’t actually in the room where they said she was.”

According to Grave, her daughter’s emotional outbursts are a result of a concussion she had at daycare a few years prior.

“Any little thing can actually trigger the episode,” Grave said.

Grave claims that this incident began on the playground when one of the other students slapped her daughter. She claimed that when she registered her daughter for school this year, she informed the personnel at Fishers Elementary about her emotional problems.

“I tell these schools that whenever she has the first episode to please get me on the phone.” Grave said. “Don’t wait until the next one occurs because she can turn into a different kid.”

Grave has taken her daughter out of Fishers Elementary School since the incident. She doesn’t live in the proper zoning area for Grave to try to enroll her in other elementary schools in the district.

According to representatives of Hamilton Southeastern Schools, its personnel is qualified to manage these kinds of circumstances using various de-escalation strategies.

In a statement sent, a spokesperson for the Hamilton Southeastern Schools said, “Staff took appropriate measures to de-escalate the student before resorting to seclusion. The use of the seclusion room, as outlined in policies and procedures established by state and federal education agencies, is to be used when an individual’s behavior poses serious harm to self or others. The student’s parents were promptly informed of the incident, and we will continue to actively work to address any concerns. We are committed to continuously evaluating our practices and exploring strategies to ensure a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students.”

Grave said, “I just want them to treat her equally out here and actually follow the proper protocols to showing her some love and care.”

The specifics surrounding the circumstances that led to Grave’s daughter being placed in the seclusion room were not disclosed by the Hamilton Southeastern school district.



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