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South Bend police officer spotted the dog with his muzzle zip-tied shut and adopted him after saving him



South Bend, Indiana – The police officer who saved the dog, who was discovered last Friday in South Bend with his snout zip-tied shut, has given the pup a forever home.

On Monday, the South Bend Police Department posted on social media the news of the dog’s rescue.

Ofc. Stephanie Northcutt responded to a report of an animal running around in a neighborhood on the south side of the city sometime on Friday, according to the department. She discovered the lone Doberman there, his muzzle securely wrapped in a dark-colored zip tie.

Before police arrived, several individuals attempted to save the dog; however, Northcutt was able to win the canine’s trust so she and other onlookers could assist him in removing the zip tie.

Despite his state, Northcutt said that “she knew the moment she laid eyes on the pup that he was the perfect addition to her family.”

Before completing the formal adoption process with the South Bend Animal Resource Center, the agency reports that the puppy, now known as Zeus, spent a weekend getaway bonding with Northcutt’s other canines.
Zeus’ injuries were not anticipated to have any long-term bodily implications, according to the animal center. “(He) is doing extremely well despite the bad hand he was dealt,” the department said.

Zeus is Northcutt’s second dog that he has saved while working. Later on, she quipped that “she will soon run out of room at her house,” so dispatch would have to stop sending her on animal calls.

According to the department, Northcutt intends to support two adoptions at the South Bend Animal Resource Center in response to the positive effects Zeus’ narrative had on the neighborhood.

“The investigation continues into the circumstances surrounding Zeus’ zip tie. But… in the meantime… happy trails, Zeus… enjoy your new home! ” the department ended the post.




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