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Release of a community-wide effort to lower domestic violence in Indianapolis



Indianapolis, Indiana – The Domestic Abuse Network has revealed a new community-wide initiative to combat domestic abuse in central Indiana.

The Beyond Equity three-year plan was introduced at Martin University on Tuesday.

The main goal is to investigate the reasons behind Black women’s disproportionate experience of domestic abuse and explore strategies for reversing this trend.

Last week, a lady was forced to shoot and murder her abusive partner at a Castleton apartment complex. A woman on Euclid Avenue was shot in the head over the weekend by her lover while she was sleeping.

In Indianapolis, domestic violence has already resulted in fatalities nine days into the New Year.

“You have to break the silence,” said domestic violence survivor Jimmie Bridges.

At a gathering when the new community-wide strategy was unveiled, Bridges told her story. Before it’s too late, she said, survivors should speak up and get support.

“In the African American community, we are silent,” Bridges said. “And how can you heal from something you don’t reveal?”

While anyone can become a victim, regardless of age, wealth, or color, Black women are 2.5 times more likely than White women to experience domestic violence, according to the Beyond Equity plan. In their lives, 29% of Black women will experience abuse at the hands of an intimate partner.

“Domestic violence is harmful to everybody and yet we want to focus on those most affected and start there,” said Rebecca Berry with the Domestic Violence Network.

To lower the frequency of domestic violence events, Berry stated that the goal for the upcoming years is to increase the availability of counseling services, protective order clinics, and other training programs in minority areas.

“We’re looking at providing more resources,” said Berry. “We want to provide support group options to survivors and people who have caused harm, because we are looking at the whole family and the whole community.”

Up to 2027, the revised DVN strategy will be in effect. As stated in a program press release: Beyond Equity, DVN’s sixth community-wide plan in over 25 years, will center the community’s perspectives, insights, and solutions through meaningful conversations and training opportunities for both service providers and community members.


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