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Some Indianapolis parks might get more security cameras



Indianapolis, Indiana – At Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park, local park leaders convened to talk about the future of security cameras in outdoor areas.

After a spate of park violence throughout the city, two Indy parks acquired surveillance cameras in the latter part of May.

Due to more than 40 bullets being fired at the basketball court on May 30, a mobile camera is present at MLK Park.

“In the last year or two, hearing the number of gunshots has gone up, and certainly that has been some violence along the park,” said Kennedy-King neighborhood resident, Paul Childress.

The 360-degree camera in the middle of the park, according to Childress, who lives nearby, is an advantage. He is not the only one to think so.

“That way, you know what is going on, and people know if you see something, the camera got you,” said resident, Christopher Allen.

In relation to the shooting that occurred in late May, one person has been detained.

Leaders from Indy Parks and Recreation gathered behind closed doors to debate the future of safety in the park over a month later.

More cameras are desired, according to a representative of Indy Parks and Recreation.

“You have kids that want to come out and play and people that want to walk on a nice day like today. So, of course, we need more cameras to see what is going on in your neighborhood,” said Allen.

The spokesman stated they are working on money for the cameras and for the electricity they would need, but they would like to install cameras so you can see every square inch of the park.

“Anything that helps the park be used more would be a benefit. It is a beautiful park. It is in a great location, so anything we can do to get people out would be great,” said Childress.

More cameras are being discussed for parks other than MLK Park.

“I hope they do better for us, protecting the neighborhood and the kids. That is the most important thing,” said Allen.