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The Lawrence Fire Department honored the blessing of Baby Amelia’s box



Lawrence, Indiana – The Lawrence Fire Department celebrated the opening of its new Safe Haven Baby Boxes location on Thursday to promote newborn safety.

The department honored Baby Amelia, a baby who was abandoned and whose memory inspires Safe Haven Baby Boxes. 2014 saw her being found and adopted.

Having survived being abandoned as a baby, Monica Kelsey founded Safe Haven Baby Boxes in 2016. Her current life’s work is to promote the Safe Haven Law and put an end to the abandonment of infants.

The Lawrence Fire Department reports that 17 infants have received care through the program in the last year, underscoring the value of their anonymous surrender option for moms who are experiencing a crisis.

The installation expenses were paid for by Midwest Remediation and unidentified benefactors. It has silent sirens to notify emergency personnel of any infant that is turned in. Adoption happens quickly after, matching these babies with adoptive families who are ready to take them from foster care.

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