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Upon his arrest for drunk driving, state representative Jim Lucas completes his probation early



Seymour, Indiana – After being arrested for drunk driving in May, Indiana State Representative Jim Lucas entered a plea deal and finished his probation early.

On December 11, the motion was submitted to Jackson Superior Court.

According to reports from the Indiana State Police, on May 31, police received information about a car that had struck a guardrail and was traveling the incorrect way up the ramp into I-65 from State Road 11 outside of Seymour.

Lucas’ truck, according to the police, crossed all lines of traffic, went over a railing, and eventually crashed down a hill. After the collision, Lucas drove the truck for almost three miles on its rims before pulling into a parking lot behind a carpet store in Seymour. Three of the truck’s tires were deflated.

He smelled of booze when the police found him.

Lucas was given a field sobriety test by a state trooper, which he failed. Shortly after, he was hauled into custody and brought to the Jackson County jail.

Lucas and the Jackson County prosecutor entered a plea deal on June 12th, with Lucas admitting guilt to misdemeanor charges of driving while drunk and fleeing the scene of an accident.

He was given a sentence on June 13 to fulfill the terms of the agreement without serving any time in jail.

Lucas was to serve 180 days of supervised probation, which included alcohol and drug abuse treatment if required, and pay $4,000 in restitution for the damage caused by the crash to avoid further jail time.

The motion filed on Dec. 11 said Lucas “successfully completed the special terms and conditions of probation and has paid all fees owed.”

On December 9, his probation was formally ended.

Lucas kept his job as a state legislator and was not subject to any immediate legislative repercussions for the arrest.




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