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Traveler faces charges for allegedly hitting Southwest flight attendant after the plane landed, report



One woman will be charged with assault after she allegedly attacked and punched Southwest flight attendant back in May.

According to reports, the incident happened after the flight from Sacramento to San Diego when the suspect in the cases, Vyvianna M. Quinonez, punched the flight attendant in the face.

The woman is now officially charged in federal court and is scheduled to appear in a San Diego court on Sept. 17.

The May 23rd incident caused the flight attendant to suffer several injuries. The medical report indicates that the victim lost two of her teeth, she was cut on the face under the eye that required four stitches, bruised eye and bruised arm.

Although it was never officially confirmed, AP reported that the incident happened because the passenger got mad when the flight attendant asked her to buckle her seatbelt, put away her tray table and properly wear her facemask as soon as the plane started the landing process.

In a probable cause statement, Quinonez told authorities she was acting in self-defense, the AP reported.

We will update the case as soon as more details are available.

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