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Woman shoots husband to death following an argument over her social media history, makes little children help her get rid the body



The number of violent crimes and murders especially in families and households has been on rise in the last couple of years across the country, but the numbers especially jumped since the start of the pandemic last March.

And some will ask what the pandemic has to do with the crime? Well, health experts warned that the whole situation with the restrictions, lockdowns and different other Covid-19 measures will affect the mental health of the people and some will eventually reach their breaking point. The latest data shows they were right.

According to police, one of the latest incidents of this kind comes from Indiana where a woman shot her husband, chopped up his body, and then ordered her two children to help hide his corpse. The woman has been identified as the 34-year-old T. Allen, a mother of two little kids, accused for killing her husband inside their apartment in LaPorte, Indiana.

According to Insider, the incident happened following an argument over Allen’s social media and internet history. It was not immediately revealed what that ‘social media and internet history’ meant leading to murder.

The incident occurred in the middle of the night late July, when the woman initially shot and injured her husband. The children woke up and immediately headed to their parents’ bedroom. The father was seriously injured and asked the children to call 911, but Allen stopped them.

He was left for a several hours suffering deadly injuries resulting with a death. The autopsy showed that the man was shot and a bullet had entered his spinal cord area painfully bleeding to death.

The suspect wanted to get rid of the body, but it was too heavy to carry by herself. Then she made her children help her get the dead body into to car, but it was way too heavy to shift it, court documents said.

The next day, the children said that their mother returned home with an ax and cleaning products, according to the Associated Press. Allen asked them to help fit the body, which had been dismembered, into a tote bag, court documents said. Then she asked them to help clean the scene.

Next day Allen called her ex-partner, father to one of the children, claiming the victim was beating her children. He took her ex to the apartment and asked him to help her with the remaining which he refused.

Allen returned her ex back at his house to Michigan, admitting she shot and killed her husband, showing him the weapon. Allen’s ex-partner took her weapon promising to keep it with him, but the next day he decided to call police and explaining everything to the officers.

When police searched her apartment, along with the legless body, officers found a handwritten to-do list. “Hit him with a hammer and stab him,” and “roll up body in sheets and plastic bags,” said the note, according to WCAX 3.

Allen now faces multiple charges including murder, abuse of a corpse, and child neglect. In the initial court hearing, the judge entered a not guilty plea on her behalf.

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