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Two dogs attacked Columbus woman, suffers serious injuries



Columbus, Indiana – Columbus woman suffered serious injuries after she was attacked from two dogs, police say.

According to police reports, the woman was attacked to the 2500 block of Pearl Street and deputies responded at the scene following a 911 call around 1 p.m. in regards to a woman who was being attacked by two dogs.

When officers arrived at the scene, the acknowledged that the woman was not the only victim since they found two other people climbed into the back of a nearby truck trying to escape the dogs that were still running around in the area.

The woman hid in her car with serious injuries. She tried to escape the dogs, but heavily aggressive, the dogs were running after the car every time the woman try to fled them. The officers were unable to approach the car and decided to back the woman’s car while she was driving to a nearby hospital.

The woman said the dogs attacked her as soon as she opened the gate of the backyard where she was the tenant. She didn’t realize that the landlord had dogs, apparent pit bull mix, and they immediately attacked her when she got out of the car.

The woman suffered multiple dog bites injuries including an injury on the neck. She was treated in Columbus Regional Hospital and doctors said she should be happy to be alive.

The dogs were later found in their owner’s yard. The dogs were so aggressive that they attacked the animal care services worker who was trying to restrain it.

An officer ended up shooting that dog once to stop the attack before it was taken to a local veterinarian for treatment.

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