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An Indiana State Police officer and two suspects in a break-in exchanged firearms



St. Joseph County, Indiana – Two burglary suspects and a member of the Notre Dame Police Department exchanged firearms on Thursday.

Indiana State Police are looking into the gunshot incident involving an officer, according to a press statement. According to ISP, the shooting happened in South Bend in the 1300 block of Corby Boulevard.

Just after 4:30 p.m., Notre Dame Police were called to the scene in response to an allegation of an ongoing burglary. Later, two individuals were seen leaving the house where a burglary was reportedly taking place by an NDPD officer.

ISP stated that once the officer made contact with the suspects, there was a gunshot exchange between the two groups. The men then took off on foot and got into a black SUV, which left the area before the police could find it and pull it over, according to ISP.

None of the people involved in the event, according to the police, were hurt. In a news statement, ISP included pictures of the suspects and their cars.

It is suggested that anyone with more information on the event call the state police at (574) 546-4900.

Indiana State Police will submit all of the data they gather for examination to the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office upon completion of their investigation.

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