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Daycare provider abuses and injures months-old baby causing permanent brain damage, faces charges after doctors confirmed shaken baby syndrome



Choosing the right baby daycare provider is essential and very important task for every couple. Everyone should usually rely on previous experiences from relatives or friends before choosing who should take care of their children since there have been many situations when babies end up injured, nervous and hungry as soon as parents arrive home from work.

Unfortunately, one North Dakota family had to learn this lesson the harder way after their 5-month-old baby suffered permanent brain damage when they took it from the baby daycare provider in the end of July.

According to police, the mother of the victim told them she took her baby that afternoon from the daycare and noticed several strange gray spots on the skin and eyes. She added that everything was fine the same morning when she left it there. When she asked the daycare what happened, she said that the baby fell of the chair suffering several injuries.

Understandably worried about her baby’s health condition, she went to hospital for medical examination and the little baby was immediately taken into the emergency room. As soon as the results were ready, she was told the injuries didn’t match her story at all.

According to medical reports, the infant had hemorrhaging behind the eyes and other injuries that made them suspect shaken baby syndrome.

As a result of the severe condition, the mother was told to take the baby to another hospital for treatment where more detailed examination should be performed on the baby. Medical personnel confirmed the girl sustained bilateral subdural hematomas and bilateral retinal hemorrhages, consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

The second hospital report was more than enough for the police to arrest the daycare provider who was later identified as the 43-year-old Torrie V.

When questioned by the authorities, Torrie initially repeated the same story claiming the baby had fallen from a chair, then she changed the story claiming she had dropped the girl’s car seat. Then Torrie decided to change the story once again saying that she had been holding the baby when she’d fallen.

“Medical personnel have confirmed that (the girl’s) injuries are not consistent with the account of events as stated by Torrie Vader and are, in fact, indicative of non-accidental child abuse,” investigators wrote in the probable cause affidavit, Williston Herald reported.

Since then, the baby has had several surgeries but despite the doctors’ effort, the little girl won’t completely recover resulting with permanent brain damage.

The suspect was jailed and held on a $250,000 bond.

Torrie is due in court again on September 1.

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