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Hoosier Basketball Trail in Bloomington aims to attract All-Star spectators



Bloomington, Indiana – Leaders in Bloomington are hoping that some of the nation’s basketball enthusiasts who are in Indianapolis for the NBA All-Star game will also make a quick trip even further south.

The Hoosier Basketball Trail was inspired by the city’s claim to be a “hub for the sport’s legends and lore,” which specifically mentions the several locations that honor Indiana University teams and their accomplishments.

“We’ve had (the Basketball Trail) put together for a few years, actually,” Jordan Smith of Visit Bloomington said Monday on WISH-TV’s Daybreak. “For basketball fans in general, not just Hoosier basketball fans, but fans of college basketball altogether!”

The list includes various destinations in between, from historic haunts to sacred halls. Undoubtedly, Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall is the main attraction.

“One of the most historic places, if you are a fan of college basketball, this definitely needs to be on your bucket list of places to see a game,” said Smith, citing the banners that hang at the ends of the Hoosiers’ home court and the 17,000 or so fans who cheer them on. “The ‘Sacred Grounds’ of college basketball, as we like to call it.”

Visit Bloomington also highlights the town’s many fabled eateries, including Buffalouie’s, “the best wings in all of America,” claims Smith,” and Nick’s English Hut. “We consider that the second-best place to watch the game outside of being at the game itself.”

Another stop offers a place to rest your head: The Graduate Bloomington Hotel, which has managed the remarkable feat of being a chain that feels totally unique to each of the college towns that have them. “If you look up, the chandeliers are decorated in chairs as a nice nod and homage to the late, great Bobby Knight.”


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