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ISP: Man arrested in Monroe County for allegedly stealing vehicle from Kentucky during test drive under false identity



MONROE COUNTY, Ind. — A Marion man was arrested in Monroe County Saturday for allegedly stealing a vehicle he was test driving from a dealership in Kentucky under a false identity, according to Indiana State Police.

At about noon on Saturday, ISP received a call from police in Henderson, Kentucky regarding a vehicle that was stolen by a man that took it for a test drive from a dealership in their jurisdiction and never returned with the vehicle.

State police say further information revealed that the vehicle was a 2019 Chevy Equinox with Kentucky license plates that was stolen by a man who identified himself with a New York identification card as Millard Holley.

Henderson police believed the vehicle was currently traveling north on I-69 near the 92-mile marker in Greene County, Indiana and was possibly being followed by a female in a second vehicle.

ISP Dispatchers then informed troopers in the Bloomington District that the alleged stolen vehicle was potentially approaching Monroe County.

At approximately 12:20 p.m., a trooper spotted the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop near the 102-mile marker of I-69 northbound. Police say upon conducting the traffic stop, the driver of the vehicle exited the Chevy Equinox and was argumentative with the trooper. While giving the driver commands, a second vehicle pulled up behind the trooper. A female exited that second vehicle and began confronting the trooper about the traffic stop, according to ISP.

The trooper was then assisted by another state trooper who began speaking with the female driver while the first trooper spoke with the man, who identified himself as Millard Holley.

Police say because of inconsistencies in their stories and radio not being able to confirm Holley’s identity through databases, the troopers impounded the vehicles and took the two individuals to the Bloomington post for further questioning.

As the investigation continued, police were able to identify the driver as 48-year-old Edward L. Hogan, of Marion, Indiana. State police say the vehicle information was confirmed, and Hogan was arrested without any further incident while the female driver of the second vehicle was released.

Hogan was taken to the Monroe County Jail on the following charges:

  • Felony possession of stolen property
  • Felony identity deception
  • Misdemeanor driving while suspended with prior conviction