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Man charged with 3 counts of rape after multiple allegations



Bloomington, Indiana – Lemarquist McClee, 46, from Gary, Indiana, was charged with three counts of rape in the past week. All victims were 22-year-old women.

The first woman told officers Wednesday at the Bloomington Police Department she was raped the previous night by McClee. Police located him quickly and arrested him. Officers obtained a search warrant for McClee’s cell phone Thursday and discovered videos of the alleged rapes of two other women.

The first victim said she had met McClee at Brother’s Bar and Grill the night the rape occurred. She said she knew him through mutual friends but not well. McClee bought her a drink and offered to drive the woman and her friend home from the bar that night after they had both had multiple drinks.

They accepted his offer, but didn’t initially give him their specific address in the Plato’s Court at Knights Landing apartment complex. After dropping them off, the woman and McClee kept texting, and McClee ended up bringing the woman and her friend snacks. He was invited into their apartment, and eventually both women fell asleep.

The woman woke up to McClee sexually assaulting her and made him leave. McClee claimed she had consented, but the woman did not remember giving consent.

Video evidence shows the friend was also allegedly raped in the same room on the same night. The woman pressed charges Monday, bringing the total to three counts of rape.

The second charge was filed Thursday after a woman confirmed that she was one of the other two women in videos on McClee’s phone. The video was from the night of June 6 and showed the woman inside McClee’s black 2017 Ford Edge being assaulted by McClee in the early hours of June 7. The victim did not remember anything from the night because of extreme intoxication and did not remember or know McClee at all.

The women who pressed charges know each other. The first to report said she saw the second to report less than an hour before the time-stamped videos of the rape took place on the night of June 6.

McClee was also charged with rape in 2009 in Monroe County.

The police ask that anyone with additional tips about McClee contact BPD detective Joe Henry at 812-349-3907.