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Prosecutors in Delphi charge Richard Allen with more crimes



Indianapolis, Indiana – Richard Allen faces murder charges in the Delphi murder case from the Carroll County Prosecutor’s Office.

Allen will now face two more murder counts in addition to the two counts of felony murder that he was already charged with.

In 2022, criminal murder charges were brought. criminal murder charges are distinct from murder charges in that the prosecution’s office is only required to demonstrate that the accused individual committed a crime that resulted in a murder, rather than proving they are the murderer.

At first, the prosecution claimed that Allen had abducted Libby German and Abby Williams and had slain the girls while committing this crime.

According to these amended allegations, Allen is now accused of killing both victims.

“It’s definitely a surprising move to see so many new charges added to the case against Richard Allen today, and what we’re seeing is not necessarily new information,” said Áine Cain, a host of the Murder Sheet podcast. “We’re seeing, in addition to what is essentially felony murder, he’s being charged with murder and kidnapping. Before, he was charged with kidnapping that led to a murder. So, all they had to prove was the kidnapping.”

Cain works as a reporter. She co-hosts the Murder Sheet podcast with lawyer Kevin Greenlee. After years of covering the subject for investigative reporting, the two are acquainted with the Delphi case.

Greenlee clarifies the legal proceedings of this case using his expertise as an attorney. According to him, the prosecution must now demonstrate that Allen is the murderer and not only a participant in the kidnapping because of the extra murder allegations.

“For a felony murder charge, you don’t have to prove the person committed the murder themselves or intended anyone to die,” Greenlee said. “You just have to prove they committed the felony that led to the death. Murder is more intentional. You have to prove this is the person who did it. This is the person who took these people’s lives.”

According to the affidavits, Allen coerced Abby and Libby into going from the Monon High Bridge to a forested area with a weapon.

“The key thing about the gun is that they were not murdered with the gun,” Cain said. “The gun though was discussed by the girls, apparently, on tape. So, they mentioned the man approaching us has a gun.”

Although the reason for the new charges is unknown, Greenlee and Cain conjectured that it might be a calculated maneuver or something that has been planned for some time.

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