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Restaurants prepared for Winterfest at Devour Indy



Indianapolis, Indiana – On Monday, the city’s culinary scene will be celebrated. Throughout the two-week festival, restaurants can highlight their offerings at Devour Indy Winterfest.

In the region, more than 100 eateries are taking part. Businesses created unique three-course menus that were “value-priced” for the occasion.

It’s an opportunity for both tourists and locals to sample new and beloved local cuisine. The purpose of the event is to showcase the offerings of restaurants by providing “value-priced” three-course dinners, specialty beverages, and more offerings.

Ricky Martinez, the executive chef at The Fountin Room, claims that the occasion tests his inventiveness.

“I use it as an opportunity to just run some new items, probably potential new menu items,” Martinez said “Just to give a regular something different … Without losing what we are — the essence of what the Fountain Room is for new people, potential new regular customers.”

Two times a year, in the winter and the summer, the Indiana Restaurant and Lodging Association hosts Devour.

In 2023, Agave & Rye participated in Devour’s Summerfest for the first time.

Benjamin Neyman, the leader of the House, says it’s thrilling to be back in the mix.

“It’s a really good opportunity for new guests to discover our restaurant and the food that we offer,” Neyman said.

Condado Tacos, which has locations all around the city, will also be taking part.

Dana Schuler, general manager of the Massachusetts Avenue branch, believes the event is a fantastic opportunity to work with others.

“It’s really awesome that we get to draw some extra guests down here,” Schuler said. “There’s so many beautiful restaurants down here. So it’s great to work with them.”