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Five children in South Bend lose their life due to fire



South Bend, Indiana – On Sunday night, a big, raging fire consumed a South Bend home, leaving five children dead and one fireman injured.

Firefighters were dispatched to the 200 block of N. La Porte Avenue on Sunday night in response to reports of a two-story building that was on fire, according to the South Bend Fire Department.

The fire service claimed workers were faced with “intense flames” but exhibited “exceptional bravery” by advancing into the center of the burning inferno.

Six children were rescued from the house by firefighters who managed to cut through the smoke and flames. Sadly, five of the kids would subsequently be officially declared deceased. The sixth was transported by air to an Indianapolis pediatric burn hospital.

When trying to find victims within the flaming house, one firefighter fell through the second story, injuring him and sending him to the hospital. It is anticipated that the firefighter will fully recover.

“While this incident casts a shadow of sorrow over our community, particularly due to the loss of young lives, it is also a poignant reminder of the courage and dedication displayed by the members of the South Bend Fire Department,” the fire department said.

“The firefighters of Engine 2, in their unyielding commitment to protect and serve, exhibited a profound disregard for their own safety in the face of extreme danger. Their actions reflect the highest ideals of selflessness and a citizens-first ethos, characteristics emblematic of the bravery inherent in our city’s first responders.”

The families of the dead received condolences and a pledge of support from the South Bend Fire Department.

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